Ocular drug delivery

We have developed a number of drug delivery systems for a range of ocular conditions. Our drug eluting contact lens, developed with alumnus Joseph Ciolino at the MEEI, can deliver therapeutic amounts of drug to the anterior chamber over extended periods. Payloads we have delivered to date include latanoprost for glaucoma, steroids for a variety of inflammatory conditions, antibiotics, and antifungal agents.

We have developed a polymeric drug delivery system that can release antiglaucoma drugs (or other compounds) for months to years. This platform can be formulated as micro- or nanoparticles, or as macroscopic devices such as rods or discs.

Also, we are very interested in developing minimally invasive or noninvasive means of delivery drugs to the retina.

We have an active program in topical ocular anesthesia. The goal is to develop formulations with enhanced duration of action and safety.