Kohane Lab Research

Our lab has three main broad areas of research: drug delivery, biomaterials, and nanomedicine, with considerable overlap between these. Some of our projects are driven by developing new technologies, others by trying to find cures for specific diseases. Pain, otitis media and other otic diseases, ophthalmic diseases, peritoneal adhesions, sepsis, and cancer are among the medical conditions that receive the most attention in our group.


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We have developed numerous biomaterials aside from those for drug delivery systems. These have included hydrogels for preventing peritoneal adhesions, surgical glues, surfaces to prevent fouling, means of treating sepsis, methods of enhancing biointegration, and self-cleaning surfaces.


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We address a broad range of strategies in local and systemic drug delivery, from depot systems to targeted and triggered nanoparticles. These have included, among many others, polymeric particles, liposomes, hydrogels, inorganic nanomaterials, and hybrid systems. Our systems have delivered a broad range of therapeutics, including local anesthetics, antibiotics, antifungals, chemotherapeutics, aptamers, and ophthalmic medications.



We have developed many nanoparticulate formulations for a range of applications. These can be composed of organic and/or inorganic materials, and are driven by a range of targeting and triggering modalities. We also have a strong interest in the interface of tissue engineering and nanoscience.