Annual Escalade Party 2023

The Kohane Lab held our annual Escalade Party at the end of 2023! This celebrates the valiant defense of Geneva, Switzerland against the neighboring Savoyans in 1602.

Legend has it that a local townswoman, Catherine Cheynel (“Mère Royaume”), dumped a large cauldron of boiling vegetable soup over the attackers. This event is commemorated every year with a chocolate cauldron (“marmite”) filled with truffles and marzipan veggies.

To celebrate Dan’s hometown and heritage of Geneva, he shared a quick presentation on the history of the Fête de l’Escalade and told us stories of his time there. As a group, we shared delicious food and laughs with friends and family that could attend. Finally, we enjoyed breaking apart the decadent chocolate cauldron sent from Switzerland and consuming its contents. This being New England, we ended with a Yankee Swap. Another great year!