Mosaab Afa Alrefaai, M.S.

Education: Mosaab is a final-year pharmacy student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, specializing in pharmaceutical sciences. Research Interests: Mosaab’s research focuses on otitis media, an inflammatory condition in the middle ear. He aims to develop innovative drug delivery systems using transfersomes, liposomes modified with surfactants, to treat pediatric patients. This approach has the Read More …

Yuan Wang, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Yuan’s research focus on designing modified liposome or hydrogel to treat corneal pain. She is also interested in exploring cell-based therapy to treat cancer.  Hobbies: Watching TV, traveling, cycling and hiking Email address:​

Ysabel Li, B.S.

Educational background: Ysabel graduated in 2023 from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Chemistry/Biological Chemistry Track and Minor in Statistics. Research interests: Interested in targeted nanoparticle drug delivery systems for venous malformations. Previous research included developing nucleic acid probes to treat repeat expansion disorders. Hobbies: Climbing, cycling, snowboarding, cooking Email:

Dali Wang Publication Attracts Interest

“An aptamer-based depot system for sustained release of small molecule therapeutics” was published in Nature Communications. The editors at Nature Communications have selected it as one of the 50 best papers recently published in the area and have selected it for their Editors’ Highlight page. The first author, Dali Wang, is now faculty at Shanghai Read More …